About - John F. Dennehy Jr., CPA, PC


We at John F. Dennehy CPA are a team of certified public accountants who service clients throughout Long Island. The services that we provide are comprehensive, and we can resolve multiple accounting needs for a client. Every client that our accountants serve also gains the following benefits:

Expert Insight

As a team of seasoned CPAs, we know the ins and outs of the rules and regulations associated with all areas of accounting. This deep knowledge allows our accountants to help you maximize the value of your accounting services. We are also constantly paying close attention to how accounting laws and regulations evolve. This way, you can rest assured that the services that we provide you will be in line with the law; this also ensures that we will be able to help you take advantage of any new changes that work in your favor.

Diverse Capabilities

The CPA services that we provide are wide-ranging. Our accountants specialize in multiple fields of accounting, including the following:

  • Corporate Accounting: Preparation of final accounts, cash flow statements, etc.
  • P&L Reporting: Summarizing totals for revenues, costs and expenses
  • Incorporation Services: Helping businesses prepare to grow through incorporation
  • Estate Tax Returns: Tax preparation for inherited assets
  • Claims Auditing for School Districts: Minimizing school expenses by finding costly accounting inaccuracies
  • Personal Tax Income Returns: Ensuring that clients get their maximum refund or make the minimal payment for their tax returns
  • Fiduciary Income Tax Returns: Completing income tax returns for the trustee or administrator of an estate
  • Tax auditing Representation: Helping clients successfully work through an IRS tax audit

Professional Service

One of the core values at John F. Dennehy CPA is that each person who walks through our doors should be treated like a real person. Instead of looking a you like a business resource, our accountants see you like a human being in need of a professional service. We personally dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible service to every client, whether they are a large corporation or an individual person. To make certain that you get what you need, our accountants listen closely to what you need so that they can deliver the exact accounting solution that works for you.

This high level of professional service begins with our first interaction. We value the time of every last one of our clients, and that is why we offer FREE consultations for all of our accounting services. This allows you to gain full insight into how our team of accountants can service you without having to worry about any obligations associated with the interaction.

Custom Solutions

The John F Dennehy CPA team understands that not everyone's accounting needs are exactly the same, even if they fall under the same general category. That is why we never provide a cookie cutter approach to our accounting services. Each service that our accountants provide is tailor made for each client's unique situation and needs.

Let Us Help You Succeed

The core values and offerings that we at John F Dennehy CPA provide to each and every client allow us to provide optimal results for their accounting needs. Contact us today so that we can schedule your free consultation.