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5 Disadvantages of an S Corporation That Can Seem Like Advantages

If you’re at a point of deciding what kind of business structure to form for your new enterprise, it’s important to know your options. LLCs and S corps have a lot in common, and also a lot of differences. The tax differences between these two are especially important to understand.Any entrepreneur can appreciate the benefits […]

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Watch Out! Don’t Get Burned by the Hottest Tax Topics for 2017

It’s extremely hard to fathom tax season is almost here, and the hottest tax topics for 2017 are now in the conversation. Whether you operate a small business or you’re an individual, it’s always important to take advantage of the tax benefits available to you. It’s even more important for you to accurately pay Uncle […]

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Alternative Tax Planning Strategies for Small Businesses Used by the Pros

While some tax planning strategies for small businesses may be aimed at the small business itself, others can be aimed at the owner’s individual tax situation. Regardless of how complex or simple the strategy is, tax planning for small businesses should revolve around: Minimizing the amount of taxable income Managing when the taxes must be […]

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Tax Planning Tips to Make Taxes Easier Next Year

Use These Simple Tax Planning Tips to Make Taxes Easier Next Year

Although everyone’s tax situation is different, most people are interested in how to make taxes easier next year. With a few powerful tips, you can be more efficient and less frustrated when it comes to filing your taxes.Whether you’re an individual tax filer, a contractor, or small business owner, use the following simple tax tips […]

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